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Problems are inevitable and so are their solutions. While you are trying to log into the asus router, you may find issues sometimes. Now, if you are into tech, you’ll easily be able to get into trouble yourself easily. But if you’re non-technical, you will need help. You can contact our team of experts. Help from our experts will help you resolve the issues and improve the performance of the device

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Here are some common issues faced by the users:

● not working
● Asus router login not working
● Asus router keeps disconnecting from internet
● Asus router login not opening
● Asus router firmware update failed
● Unable to access Asus router setup wizard
● Asus login IP not responding

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How to Reset Asus Wifi router

Now we will explain to you how to reset Asus router. This section will drive you through the process of Asus router reset process. Follow the below-mentioned steps to reset Asus router easily. Firstly, make sure your Asus ROG-11000 router is turned on and working. Now, take a paperclip or needle to press the reset button which is located at the backside of your router. The reset button is usually seen inside the frame of your router. Press the reset button and hold for around 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, you will see all the lights on your router blinking. This will indicate that the router has gone into the reset mode. Wait for a minute to let your router get back to factory default settings. After your router is back to factory default settings, you need to set up your router again. For the Asus router setup process, refer to the section given above. So these were steps to reset Asus router. We hope you got to know about the process of the Asus router reset.

Asus router login not working

Is your Asus router login not working properly? Don’t get frustrated as we will explain to you how to get rid of this issue. If your Asus router login not working, please ensure that the login credentials you entered on the login page are correct. If you don’t know your Asus router login credentials, refer to the wireless card pasted at the bottom of your router. not working

Is your default web address not working? This issue might be occurring due to inaccurate login credentials or any other issue. You can try resetting your Asus wireless router to default factory settings. Once your router is back to default factory settings, the issue “” will not show up again.

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